‘Racial-Boycott’ Will Not Hurt Us

The Malay and Chinese Chambers of Commerce representative, Yeah Kim Leng yesterday told the Malaysian Insider that the ‘racial boycott’ promoted by the ‘pro-UMNO bloggers’ is going to ‘hurt’ the Malaysian economy and ‘frightened’ the investors away. 

He is obviously talking about the the call for boycott all Chinese pro-DAP products by the  Malays, which is now going viral. 

We could call it a ‘side-effect’ from the GE-13 result that witnessed a total rejection of the Chinese towards the ruling party a.k.a the Malay-led government.  Yeah urges Putrajaya to intervene in order to stop the boycott. 

I am sure that Yeah is well aware that the Malays have been putting up with the racist game played by Chinese newspapers and the ‘over-reacting’ of the Chinese on racial issues for so long, hoping that the Chinese would one day appreciate their tolerance.  

However, the Chinese took the tolerance as an ego-booster.  The arrogance that the Chinese once displayed during the 13th May tragedy was again displayed throughout the GE-13 campaigns. 

The truth is, the majority is sick over the ‘hypocritical-sensitivity’ of the Chinese.  Every time they are reminded of the social contract, they would retaliate by shouting ‘racist’!  Every time they are questioned of their nationalism and patriotism, they would bark ‘racist’!   And when Utusan Malaysia asked them about what more do they want, which is an innocent, direct, simple question, the paper is condemned as ‘ultra-racist’! 

On the other hand, the Chinese newspapers and politicians keep playing the racist card real hard that it comes to the point where the Chinese community failed to differentiate between ‘hate Malays and hate Malaysia’.  And today we see their kids took pictures holding the Malaysia flag upside down - and proud of it. 

After the GE-13, these racist Chinese extremists finally meet their par.  Many Malay teachers and students in Chinese schools started speaking out of their experience in encountering racism in their schools.  And many more started to question the role the Chinese newspapers have been playing all along in inciting prejudice, doubts and hatred towards the Malay-led government.  The Malay politicians too, are fed-up the Chinese hypocrisy. 

It’s now time to lay the racist card for everybody to see.  As I have always said to my friends, when you deal with a racist, you have no choice but to be a racist or you will be oppressed.  And the Chinese has always been wanting to do that to others – ‘oppress’.  

So, the Malays have had enough of the Chinese chauvinism and arrogance, and so they say:  “If you want to play racism, let’s play it”.

One might think that this is how the ‘racial boycott’ started. 

In actual fact, it has started long ago when the Chinese slyly attacked and sabotaged all bumi products.  

One example, when a Malay tycoon bought over Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn Bhd a few years ago over the worries of ‘halal’ status of the flour supply which has all the while being a Chinese tycoon monopoly, the Chinese community waited no time to launch a boycott over all Gardenia products. 

Their excuse?  It’s an UMNO-crony’s company. 

This is a typical racist way of thinking; that it is okay for the Chinese to practice monopoly but it is never okay for a Malay to break the monopoly and provide a healthy competition because that would be cronysm.  Unless, the competitor is a Chinese too, then it should be okay.  As Yeah put it, it’s ‘unhealthy, childish and racist’ for the Malay to boycott Chinese products but it is ‘consumers’ rights’ for the Chinese to boycott Malay products. 

It is also a well-known secret of how the Chinese play their racist cards in hiring people in the private sectors, that is by stating ‘mandarin’ as a requirement in the job advertisements.  Up north, the racist card is often played out in the open where Chinese-owned organizations would not give an equal chance for the Malays to ‘grow’ in the company.  Some even blatantly impose a double-standard salary scheme for different races under an ‘unwritten company procedure’ - of course.   

And all the while, the Chinese is as arrogant as ever, telling the others that there is nothing they can do as the Chinese controls the economy. 

May be it’s true that there is nothing others can do and that this boycott Chinese products will not get the Malays anywhere. 

And so, if it’s true, we believe that there is no need for Yeah Kim Leng to be worried.  Never mind the country’s economy, as the Chinese will not be affected.  After all, it’s the Chinese that he is so concerned about, isn’t he?

The Chinese has stated that they don’t need others, so others have to ‘learn’ to live without the Chinese.  And the learning starts now, through ‘boycott Chinese products’. 
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