GE13: Dr. Rozaidah Has A Good Chance To Defeat Zuraidah


Ampang Parliament will feature the clash between two women, Dr. Rozaidah Talib (BN)  and Zuraida Kamaruddin (PKR). At a glance, roughly, Dr. Rozaidah and Zuraidah are two very different women from style and charisma.

Dr. Rozaidah previously won Ampang seat in 2004 GE, however, dropped in 2008 GE due to the crisis that hit her marriage which then turned to an allegation.

The allegation happened when her raged husband followed her to a hotel, where she hid to calm herself down while waiting for her husband to also calm himself down after they had their misunderstanding. That was why she refused to open the door, because she was scared of her husband's rage, her husband then lodged a police report claiming that she was alone with a man in the room.

However, it was proven that she never did such thing, unlike some wives of PAS members where they like to 'spend time' with leaders who are friends of their own husbands.

That is why, after the allegation was answered and her name finally cleared, BN did not hesitate to nominate her at Ampang seat because of her dedication and service to rakyat in her constituency has been proven. To convince the rakyat of the truth on her side, Dr. Rozaidah has taken an oath without being forced, that she has never commit the things which she was accused of.

Dr. Rozaidah's firmness and courage in facing her past is bringing her opponent, Zuraidah to a dead end.

Zuraidah is known to be an ineffective MP. The only thing which led to her popularity was because she strongly defended Azmin Ali. Since Zuraidah was first appointed, she has been setting her 'people' in MPAJ. The re-zoning of cleaning contract was done to cover from the public, to show that she provides opportunities to more contractors, however, truth is, all of them are Zuraidah and Azmin's proxy.

If rakyat are indebted towards Dr. Rozaida as a successful doctor and their representative once back, Zuraida in the other hand, owe it to the rakyat for giving her their vote.

This is based on Zuraida's background as fruit seller as well as traditional remedies where she could only afford a Perodua Myvi before she became MP, but soon after winning 2008 GE, on July 1, 2008, she managed to own a Volvo XC90 WRL575.

Not just that, on May 31, 2010, Zuraidah bought a Toyota Hilux Double Cab WTY1547, November 3, 2011, another Totoya Hilux Double Cab WNA276 and on May 24, 2012, a Mercedes Benz E240 BLR9680.

Why would Zuraida need so many vehicles, perhaps for her children of family. That however, it is not rakyat's business.

The problem for rakyat is, how much does a Representative earn which enables the leader to afford those luxury vehicles within four years as she only has small business before that? She is not from any rich family.

That is why, would it be wrong for rakyat to suspect that Zuraida as corrupt? Like it or not, rakyat Ampang would still think of this as they vote for their representative.

With all of these luxury items, we cannot deny that Zuraida is indeed a 'successful' woman even though she is not a good or effective representative at her constituency.

Thus, the 'success' is seen as the main factor which might fail her in her clash with Doktor Rozaidah, a woman is already really successful in her field.
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  1. Dr Rozaidah,the truth is out there and we strongly believes that you could won the seat. We need people that is highly educated to lead ampang for success.What is bygone it will be bygone and we know you are in right path.We support you forever insyaallah.


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